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Ipa - Yiddishe Plotke Agentur which is Jewish Gossip Agency.
   The most unreliable news agency in the world.


 Moishe Gottlieb ,the self- elected chairman of the Pizzeligasse branch,
  opened the session with a deep sigh saying : "Meine Liebe neighbors
   I have news that are not so good today - in other words :
 "Wir sind verloren. "
     He lowered his voice and all hushed down:
   Yesterday night there were " little birds" over the town.
 Little birds was the code name for Soviet scout planes "Istrebytili"
  and they dropped agents. I have met with one and he told me.....
  "What did he tell you ?
   How do I know - he spoke Russian !
  But Marina the Hausmeister concubine she translated :
 " The Gestapo will blow up all houses before they go !"
   All houses ? Wir sind Verloren!
     That is what I told you from the start , but they will blow up
   only Stassler houses , Stassler was a Czech architect who built
    many houses .
    Not all knew if their house was Stassler house or not.
   There was the Blichman know- all who could help out.
   The non- Stassler tennant went home with a smile.
    All the others were considering where to move.
     Moishe Gotlieb ended the session.

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