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In 1943 and 1944 I was too young to follow the newspaper reports.
Most of what I remember I knew or understood from the conversations
of my parents, their friends and neighbors.
I remember how happy my parents were when hearing on the BBC
that the Russians had won at Stalingrad. This was not reported in Romanian
newspapers on on Romanian radio until much later.
I think it was in late 1943 or early 1944 when German soldiers
came to Czernowitz on their retreat from Russia and I do remember the noise
of the explosion of the command-car packed with ammunition which had run out
of fuel somewhere in the center of the city.


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> Apropos shortening the front line - I wonder how many of you recall the
> frequent newspapaer headings in 1943 and thud of 1944 - "Rostov planmaessig
> geraeumt:", "Dnjepropetrovsk planmaessig geraeumt", . Rostov planmaessig
> graeumt", Kharkov planmaaessig geraeumt" etc. etc. etc. How enlightening these
> headings were for us in Czernowitz in those last 1.33 years of Romanian
> occupation.....,. Yes, we appreciated this excellent
> Plan!
> I suppose those West from us were happy to read on April 1944 - Czernowitz
> planmaessig geraeumt...
> [Mordecai Lapidot <signed by moderator>]
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