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Dear Mordehai ,sermons are speeches by very important religious
  They are not open to discussions nor to suggestions or alteration.
 "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
   Said Jesus and no one objected

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Dear Hardy,

I agree to 5 but not to 8 - here you should replace Dreams by Childhood

Wishing further quiet days and nights thanks to Kipat Barsel and Tamirs


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> Sermons of the Mount Ehpesus:
> 1. Blessed be those who always post in Plain Text - they
> shall inherit the
> Ehpes eternal gratitude.
> 2. Blessed be those who have birthdays - they shall
> inherit the keys to the
> maternity.
> 3. Blessed be those who look for birth certificates - they shall
> inherit the keyes of the town archives.
> 4. Blessed be those who travel by road to Czernowitz - they
> shall inherit the latest Michelin road maps.
> 5. Blessed be those who believe in the Kultur Metropole -
> they shall inherit the Kingdom of dreams.
> 6. Blessed be those who volunteer for cemetery cleaning- they
> shall inherit the hoofs of Messiahs donkey.
> 7. Blessed be those who love other Czernowitzer - they shall
> inherit a place in heaven.
> 8. Blessed be all Czernowitz oldtimers - they shall inherit the
> Kingdom of Dreams.
> Hardy
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