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Hi all,

I have been a mostly silent member of the group for some years now. But
today I am writing to you all for some help.

I was recently contacted by a distant Kranzdorf cousin (Kara) who is
looking for information on her great grandmother Bertha Kranzdorf (nee
Platz). I have CCed her on the email. According to information we now have,
Bertha spent the war in Czernowitz (see below). After the war, she
travelled in 1947 from Zurich to her daughter in America.

We were surprised to see on the claims conference record that she was
listed as a citizen of Chile.

Did any of you know Bertha? She would have been in her 60s during the war.

We would really like to try and learn more about her experience.

Is there a list of names of people who obtained Popovici papers? Is it
possible to find out if Berta was one of these people.

Also I have read many of you emails describing your experiences after the
war ended and how you left Czernowitz. Does anyone have any ideas how
Bertha would have made her way to Switzerland after the war?

I also know that some members of the list live in Chile. How would Berta
have obtained Chilean citizenship and when? Could this have helped her
survive the war?

Lots of questions=E2=80=A6 but hopefully someone will have some answers.

Thank you all for the help



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