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Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 00:31:34 -0400
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Hardy's questions made me realize that I made one very large mistake;
Lviv is no longer part of Poland. In Poland all former private
have been returned to their previous owners, whether Christian or
The same in Romania and Hungary, but in the Ukraine, I believe that
or communal properties have not been returned to their former owners.
Think about the "Tempel".

It is therefore unlikely that the Jewish community of Lviv sold the land
on which the golden Rose synagogue once stood to the present owner.
I have no idea who the present owner is.
 From what I could observe in one visit, the cafe does well,
it is right in the center of the city.
Hardy asks whether the Anti-Semitic gimmick is a good idea, my answer:
Probably, I saw no demonstrators in front of the Cafe.
I doubt that it is frequented only by anti-Semites, but it is not
shunned by the local people.

Do you know why many people did not fight fascism as soon as it
reared its ugly head?
Not being Jewish they saw no reason to fight against Anti-Semitism.
When the fascists killed the insane, they did not care, no one in
their families was insane.
When the Fascists arrested and killed communists, they did not care,
they were not communists.
Eventually the Fascists arrested and killed people at random, but
there was no one left to fight
for the victims.

I do not know whether Anti Semitism is punishable in the Ukraine, it
is not punishable
in England, France, Sweden or Norway.

Where do they buy the Matzah? Eich soll azoi wissen fun Tzures ( may
I know as little of troubles).

No, there is no Polish government in Lviv. (mea culpa).


On Aug 17, 2014, at 11:23 PM, HARDY BREIER wrote:

> Mimi. A few questions :
> 1. Who runs the place ?
> 2. Is it doing well ?
> 3. Is antisemitism punishable in Lviv ?
> 4. If this sales gimmick a good idea ?
> 5. Where do they take the matze from ?
> 6. Is there Polish government in Lviv ?
> Hardy

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