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Hardy is right. :-) In addition: If the local "Banderovtsy" would intend to=
 vandalize any Jewish objects, they already missed a number of chances. The=
 renewed Korn Shil, the plaque for Traian Popovici, the Jewish museum, the =
Hesed, the ghetto memorial. None of them was vandalized.
And honestly, Hedwig, isn't a museum an extended memorial?
Happy New Year, Hedwig, hugs and kisses!

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Now they have Web- cam in Czernowitz,
Every robber will be photographed and transmitted live on TV.
The police will wait for him around the corner and ask questions :
What you do at midnight at Zelena ?

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Hi Dear all,
First of all

Happy New Year 2016...with health , freedom and peace....
I do not know who had the idea to restore the " Leichenhalle "for an
Holocaust Museum.....
To restore yes, but not for a Museum...Never in the Jewish cimetary was put
a museum in such a place....The is an holy put a mamorial for
the millions of perished Jews, yes, but not a museum...
In the case you will do it, I can put my hand in fire, if not, the next day
it will be delapidated, ruined, burnt, or you will put a policeman on the
The "banderovtsi" destroyed gravestones, Do you thing they do not do the
same thing with the museum...

Best regards

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