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Another thought regarding funding and possibly sponsorship:

I understand that the American and Israeli Hassidic communities, which are both very strong, have ties to Czernowitz going back to the movement's origins, and many of those working to repair the cemetery come from these communities. Perhaps we could interest them in the effort to create the museum, which would greatly benefit the cemetery as well. The Hassidim are well organized and can be a strong supporter of the effort.

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Dear all,

I followed the recent discussion on the topic of a Holocaust museum in the mortuary - the former Leichenhalle - carefully during the last days. I agree to the many who have doubts concerning the location. I understand questions like 'why not the Temple?' or 'why not expanding the existing Jewish museum?'.

But I also missed other questions like 'how to save the Leichenhalle?' and 'how to commemorate the destruction of the Jewish community and to bring it into public consciousness?'. These were probably the same questions that moved Mr. Zissels. He answered them in a very pragmatic way, a way which is appropriate to the reality of present Czernowitz and present Ukraine. We are speaking about a place with low financial ressources, a place where buying of votes was practised in the last local elections, a places where men get drafted to the army and return in coffins. It is not a place of wishful thinking, rather it is a place where civil society is struggling to create a more transparent, democratic and just community. Joseph Zissels, the president of the Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations, and Mykola Kushnir, the director of the Jewish museum, are representatives of the civil society. They are no representatives of the state or the municipality, they act in a way they believe to achieve the most and - considering the already existing funding - they are able to convince others. Their initiative is a contribution to the memory of the city, to the preservation of its heritage, but most of all it's a gift to the survivors of the Holocaust, the camps and ghettos of Transnistria, and an obeisance to all who did not survive.

I read the complain 'they should have asked us'. I understand Zissel's mail to Bruce and other members of the list as an answer to this and as an offer for dialogue. He wants you to have your say and he asks for your support. This is your museum, the museum of those in the list who remember and were witnesses. The museum can not be realized without your stories and memories.

I'm not sure whether we can win Daniel Liebeskind or any other famous architect, but I like very much the enthusiasm expressed in the e-mail by Howard Sackel. I also imagine what impact the museum would have on the entire state of the cemetery. Given the public attention the museum would raise, the local authorities would be unable to tolerate the present neglect. Having been to Czernowitz every summer since eight years, I see the development: Volunteers who clean the cemetery, a Jewish museum, a literature festival connected to the multi-ethnic past, a growing awarness of history expressed in many initiatives and now plans for another museum. Let's support it and contribute to it. I'm sure Bruce will collect your ideas and voices and forward it to Mr Zissels.


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