Re: [Cz-L] Book of the Month, January 2017: Alef-Beys / Aleph-Beis / Alphabet

From: Ruth Levin <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 08:40:44 +0200
To: Edgar Hauster <>
Reply-To: Ruth Levin <>


I have Eliezer Steinbarg's Alef-Beys on my book shelf. It was a present
from my aunt. She even took it with her to Transnistria - when she was
already a young woman.

By the way, Steinbarg was much more than a story teller. He was a
brilliant fable writer, a Yiddish Aesop. It's a shame that most of us can't
enjoy his fables in the original.


On 6 January 2017 at 07:57, Edgar Hauster <> wrote:

> Czernowitzers...
> Let's start the new year 2017 appropriately with Eliezer Steinbarg's
> Alef-Beys / Aleph-Beis / Alphabet. Have you ever been to the Chernivtsi
> Museum of Bukovinian Jewish History and Culture? One unique artefact in t=
> Museum=E2=80=99s collection is a copy of Eliezer Steinbarg=E2=80=99s Alef=
-Beys - Aleph-Beis
> - Alphabet. At the antiquarian bookseller's you'll get it between $ 500.0=
> - $ 2,000.00, at our Ehpes Blog it's free:
> aleph-beis-alphabet.html
> The book was published in Chernivtsi in 1921 by the publishing house
> 'Kultur'. Their goal was to promote Yiddish language among the Germanopho=
> Jewish community of Bukovina. Teacher, storyteller and social activist,
> Eliezer Steinbarg created a handbook for children from the society
> 'Shulferain', which he organized in Czernowitz. The artists Arthur Kolnik=
> Josef Lerner and Rubin Zelikovici illustrated the Alphabet book.
> If you read Yiddish enjoy the content, if not - like me - enjoy the
> generously illustrated edition!
> Edgar Hauster
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