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Yiddish has absorbed words and concepts from the languages of in which they
lived, but has also contributed some to the host languages. A few examples:
Ganoven, Behemoth (for huge machines), er hat 'Pleite" gemacht (he went
broke), and Schlamassel from Schlimmazel (Bad luck) in Germany. "Schlep"
for some tiring task in the USA colloquial English.
 Paul/Pessach Heger

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> Alex
> it is not hurl but url
> From Hebrew Arel meaning
> uncircumcised
> Hardy
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> Very interesting.
> Brought something from my childhood. I was with my grandma in some office
> in
> Chernowitz. We were standing with other people and one lady said to my
> grandma "Daber nischt, der hurl is a meivin". I later asked my grandma
> what
> that means. She translated: "do not talk, the goy understands". Later when
> I
> studied Hebrew I understand how this phrase was composed except for the
> mapping of hurl into a goy
> Alex
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