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Your translation is fine.
The prose captures precisely the mindset of my Czernowitz family. They
were germanic, social climbing, Hapsburg proud, Jews. My grandmother
spoke lovingly of Kaiser Franz Josef. They were observant of jewish
holidays and traditions (but not too much)

Margaret Gross

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> Dear Czernowitians,
> I heard a lot about yiddish and nostalgia.
> As Roman Vishniac wrote “a Vanished World”.
> We keep and honour memories, but should transform the sorrow for the
> past in soul food for thr next generetions.
> Let’s pass forward the message:
> What is a Czernowitzian Jew?
> As my mother said: Ein Czenowitzer Jude ist
> Kaisertreu zum Hause Habsburg
> Faithful to the Habsburg family
> Kultiviert und polyglott mit Deutsch an erster Stelle
> Well educated and polyglot , with German first place
> Familienfreundig
> Family lover
> Tolerant, charmant mit Frauen und angenehm mit Herren
> Tolerant, charmant with ladies and at ease with gentlemen
> Neugierig aber diskret
> Curious but discreet
> Serioes mit Humor
> Serious but with sense of humour
> Arbeitsfreudig mit Mass
> Hard worker with moderation
> Glaubig aber nicht so sehr
> Believer but not too much
> Und mit eine besondere Beziehung zu HerrenGott.
> And having a special relationship with God
> Unfortunately the english translation cannot reproduce the ironic sound of
> the german text
> Dr. Peter Hubscher

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