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Thank you Marion for your help . I understand that Kappelmacher could be both " cap maker" and a surname . However, a search of the name Kappelmacher on all Czernowitz resident lists comes up short.
The only thing I can figure out is that the birth record for a Rosel Kappelmacher is incorrect and it should read Rosel Meschel ,daughter of the Kappelmacher, Riwen Meschel. Either the original clerk wrote it wrong or it was transcribed incorrectly. I see the name Riwen is not clear ( shown Riwe ? )
If this is true, this would make this Rosel Meschel my great-aunt, someone I never heard of. She must have died very young.
I think I should request a copy of this birth record.


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names and professions often live in symbiosis.
The German 'Kappe' means 'cap' and 'Kappele' is the regional diminutiv: a small cap, kind of a hat
And the one who makes it - is a 'Kappelmacher'.
In lists in Czernowitz' archives I found a lot of people whose jobs were 'modistă', 'pălărier' = 'Kappelmacher' in Austrian times.
Hope it helps a bit.

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Perhaps someone in the group can clear up a mystery for me.
While researching my maternal great-grandfather Rubin( Riwen) Meschel who lived in Czernowitz til 1913, I found conflicting listings for him on the CZ. Databases. His profession is shown as schneider( tailor) in the 1898 directory and mutzenmacher ( hat maker ? ) in 1909.

Further ,there is this listing in the death database presumably for Riwen's 2 children

39 MESCHEL Berl Kapelmachers Riwen - 27/Oktober/1879 278-279 402 Früh 4 Uhr Death
40 MESCHEL Abraham David Kappelmachers Riwen - 15/Mai/1878 93-94 - NMonths Death

which seems to indicate Kapelmacher as a profession.

Then for birth records,Kappelmacher( with 2 p's) is shown as a family name as follows :
KAPPELMACHER Rosel Riwe?eschel VII 1879 32 367 Birth

I don't know who Rosel Kappelmacher is or Rosel Meschel but Riwen Meschel seems to be indicated as father. Is the word Kappelmacher a name or a profession ? Is this a mistake ?

Les Gluck

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