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        There were midtown and northtown Ghettos,and their population.
The poorest where the Morario
Shilgass, Judengass and neighborhoods.
Every morning sanitars from the
Jewish Hospital were collecting
left-over babies by the cries
from houses- most of them did
not survive !
It was not a nice place to be
There in 1941.


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So Fred we were neighbors for some 10 days, I was on Stefaniegasse 2.

Then Mimi we moved just diagonally across the street from Schulgasse 15
(the Roman bath in the app. that belonged to the Gedaly family, Ilanas
Gordons great-parents), also very crowded. The third part of the building
triangle on Schulgasse houses now the Rumanian consulate in Cz. In the
1930th it had an entrance to its basement where the Faier family made the
best grill in town.

As to Asher, as far as I remember all deportations to Transnistria went
through the Ghetto - earliest possibly at the time when it was concentrated
on the eastern part of the Hauptstrasse, when Fred and I ceased to be
neighbors, and I could have seen Mimi on Schulgasse during a few weeks.

[Berti Glaubach]

On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 12:54 PM, Fred Weisinger <>

> We were in the Stefanigasse. The Getto in
> that street ended am Mehlplatz. Then we
> were moved into the Judengasse.
> Fred. Weisinger
> On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 4:45 PM, Asher Turtel <> wrote:
> > I was not there because we were sent directly to Transnistria. I was
> > 11 weeks old.

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