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The places in Prague are wonderful and interesting. I visited almost all
of them on several occasions. I strongly recommend them.
Abraham K.

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> When in Prague, at the Jewish Museum, which is actually close to the
> Jewish cemetery with the ancient tombstones (including the Maharal), do n=
> miss the Alt neuShul as well as the other synagogue nearby.
> When walking back to the center ask for the building of the nearby City
> Hall (you need to take a right turn at the end of the street from the
> Synagogue, and walk a few minutes till you reach it on your left). at the
> frort of which are two statues that guides will not eagerly bring you to.
> The one on the left is of the Prague Golem in the form of an Iron Man and
> the one on the right is of the Maharal looking down at a nude Jewish girl
> who offers him a rose.
> =C5=A0aloun Ladislav, the sculptor, gave the following reasons for his
> motivation: =E2=80=9C... on the corner of Platn=C3=A9=C5=99sk=C3=A1 Stree=
t [I created] the Iron
> Man figure (the Golem), which was well known to locals and foreigners,
> enveloped in myths and a typical feature of not only the picturesque
> medieval Platn=C3=A9=C5=99sk=C3=A1 Street, in which the legend took place=
, but also of the
> entire Old Town.
> On the other side, I couldn=E2=80=99t have placed a better figure than th=
at of the
> learned and mysterious High Rabbi Loew, who incorporated everything that
> the most noble old ghetto of Prague produced. Rabbi Loew was a symbol of
> the ghetto to me, and also a symbol to me was the figure of a little girl
> who is freed from the oppressive fetters of clothing and holds out to her
> great father a rose, from which breathes the breath of death. For just as
> this beautiful child caused the death of Rabbi Loew with her fragrant
> flower, so the new period of freedom unwittingly crushed with the breath =
> its young life the old relics of bygone days. This also marked the end of
> the Prague ghetto.=E2=80=9D
> The impressive figure of High Rabbi Loew stands on a high plinth; reachin=
> up to him is a nude girl with eyes closed, who holds out to him the fatef=
> rose. The artist=E2=80=99s composition managed to capture the moment of s=
> when the rabbi realizes he has fallen victim to a treacherous death trap,
> drops the rose and mortal rigidity begins to take effect. The rose which
> has fallen from the rabbi=E2=80=99s hand lies on the base next to an infe=
rnal dog
> that is also connected with death, while the rabbi=E2=80=99s hand is stil=
l raised
> in a gesture of mute astonishment. The Nazis ordered its removal and
> destruction bur a local citizen hid it and it was replaced on site by the
> Chech municipality after the war ended.
> Enjoy your trip to Prague it is breathtaking!
> Mordecai Lapidot
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