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Dietmar's discovery finds its deserved echo [in German language] in the prestigious Austrian daily newspaper "Die Presse" in yesterday's online and today's print edition:

Enjoy the reading and, dear Dietmar, once again congratulations on your discovery! We are looking very much forward to - lit. - hearing more!

Edgar Hauster

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Subject: [Cz-L] A Musical Discovery

Dear Czernowitzers,

It is my great pleasure to inform you about an exciting musical discovery and an upcoming celebration of Czernowitz’s rich musical heritage.

I am a PhD candidate at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York). I am writing a dissertation on “Music and Civic Identity in Multicultural Habsburg Czernowitz (1862-1918).” In recent months I have conducted research in Ukraine, Romania, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Israel.

In Chernivtsi, I unearthed five manuscript scores by the composer and musicologist Eusebius Mandyczewski (1857–1929), containing three cantatas, a part song, and a Mass. This music has never appeared in print, and several wonderful pieces have lain unperformed for a century.

Mandyczewski had close ties with several members of the Jewish community in Czernowitz. Victor Korn, a city administrator, was the dedicatee of one of his cantatas, while for pianist-composer Ludwig Rottenberg and singer Julie Salter, he was a teacher, mentor, and friend. Many Jewish Czernowitzers performed as soloists, choristers, and orchestra instrumentalists in the premieres (as well as later performances) of the cantatas.

When I informed the excellent conductor of Chernivtsi’s Academic Symphony Orchestra, Yosyp Sozanskiy, of my discovery, he was delighted, and we agreed to collaborate. With the enthusiastic support of Honorary Consul Dr. Sergej Osatschuk, and of MMag. Andreas Wenninger and the OeAD Lemberg/Lviv, we are working on a project to publish and perform these compositions. Performances will take place in May and June in Chernivtsi Philharmonic Hall (formerly the Czernowitzer Musikverein). I will keep you posted so that you can read about the progress of this important project here.

Yours truly,
Dietmar Friesenegger

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