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Thanks Edgar, Shalom to All,
It was the right moment to publish this; as you know, we have today
Holocaust Remembrance Day.
At the ceremony tonight , one of the torch lighters was Elka Reines
Abramowitz , a Transnistria survivor.
You can read her story and watch her testimony on video ( English captions)

Best wishes,

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It was fellow member Irene Fishler from Haifa, who drew my attention to an
exhibition catalog for a Selma Meerbaum exhibition, organized by the
Solingen Art Museum in 2014. The curator for this exhibition was Helmut
Braun, the chairman of the Rose Ausländer Society and the editor of the
Edgar Hilsenrath edition. The title of the exhibition, same as Helmut
Braun's book on Selma Meerbaum, was "Du, weißt du wie ein Rabe schreit? [Do
you know how a raven shrieks?]:

For those, who read German, enjoy the generously illustrated catalog; for
those who don't, enjoy Selma's poetry by taking the example of her famous
poem from March 1941, before she died of typhus at the age of 18 in
Transnistria in 1942:

"Do You Know ...

Do you now how a raven shrieks?
And how Lady Night, afraid and pale,
does not know where to flee?
How the frightened night can't tell
is it or is it not her realm,
does she belong to the wind or he to her, and are not the rapacious wolves
poised to devour their prey?

Do you know how the wind howls shrilly?
And how the woods, afraid and pale,
do not know where to flee?
How the frightened woods can't tell
is it or is it not their realm,
do they belong to the rain or the night, and isn't Death, who's laughing
grimly, their almighty lord and master?

Do you know how the rain is weeping?
And how I walk, afraid and pale,
and don't know where to flee?
How this frightened girl can't tell
is it or is it not her realm,
does the night belong to me, or I to her, and isn't my mouth, so pale and
confused, the one that's really crying?

March 4, 1941

[Translated by Jerry Glenn and Florian Birkmayer, with Helene Silverblatt
and Irene Silverblatt, in "Harvest of Blossoms - Poems from a Life Cut
Short", edited by Helene Silverblatt and Irene Silverblatt, Northwestern
University Press, 2008."]

Edgar Hauster
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