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Thank you Edgar and Eytan,
It was good to remember one of the most interesting and intense discussions
we had on the Cz-List many years ago...
I hope John Felstiner was pleased to be honored and "adopted" by our group.
Zichrono le Bracha !

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Dear Eytan,

Thank you so much for informing us on the passing away of John Felstiner,
such a great loss for all of us! In addition to the obituary published by
the Stanford University, I've excerpted from "The Book Haven - Cynthia
Haven's blog for the written word" the John Felstiner's short interview on
"'Creative Resistance' in the Nazi Camps":

What an impressive statement in just 3:15 min., unmissable! More on John and
Mary Felstiner at:

Assisted by you, dear Eytan, I had the outstanding privilege to conduct a
correspondence with John Felstiner on "The Genesis of Paul Celan's
'Todesfuge'" in 2011

and as a sign of my deep appreciation for John's personality and lifetime
achievement I've quoted his translation of Paul Celan's "Corona" on a plate
eternalized in steel in the St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt:

May his memory be for a blessing!

Edgar Hauster

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