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Dear Ruth, Dear Shula, Dear Berti, Dear David,

Thank you all for your precious contributions, which are reenforcing Mariana Hausleitner's argument. I've forwarded all messages to Mariana, prominent German historian and - above all - good friend of mine. I'm looking forward to receiving updated research findings as soon as they might become available.

Warmest wishes to all of you!

Edgar Hauster

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Dear Edgar and the other members of the list
I was also one of the repatriated orphans from Transnistria in the
spring of 1944.
The children were divided in groups for different Rumanian cities and
when we arrived there the Jewish population took the children to them. I
arrived in Bacau. It was actually a shameful situation as we were laying
in a synagogue and were on display for the families to chose. I was
chosen by a family and they wanted me to call them father and mother
which I refused because I remembered my own parents to good. One year
later we were assembled in Buzau to be prepared to go on to Palestine. I
do not know what happened but only a small group went on aliah with the
three small boats of which one, the Mefcure, was torpedoed by the
Germans and all olim drowned.
The others were left in Buzau So we tried to earn our food and then I
returned to the Aaron family in Bacau. The rumor was that the places of
the other children were sold to Jews that paid the organizers. I came on
aliah only in 1947, was captured by the British on "Medinat Haiehudim"
sent to Cyprus and in December 1947 with a prince Charles certificate
arrived in Raanana .

Best whishes to all

David Weiner

Op 4/2/2017 om 3:07 PM schreef Ruth:
> Dear Edgar,
> I happen to be one of the repatriated orphans from Transnistria. To my knowledge, the repatriation of about 2.000, not 5.000 orphans, has been rejected several times. The first time was in 1943, when Eichman ordered the cancellation of the plan. (See Addendum in chapter 5 „The Orphanages" page 142 in my book Ruth’s Journey. It was not until Antonescu saw that the Axis is losing the war, and only two weeks before the liberation of Transnistria, did he finally approve that request. Apparently he hoped that this generous gesture would save him from being judged as a WAR CRIMINAL.
> It is believed that the Red Cross in collaboration with Jewish and Romanian activists( Women?) were behind this project.
> Unfortunately not all the children were brought to Palestine. Most of us were sent back to the USSR for work in the mines of Donbass, and some us ended up in orphanages in the outskirts of Odessa.
> Best regards.
> Ruth Glasberg Gold
> P.S. I am leaving the country this morning until May 4,2017
> Ruth Glasberg Gold
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>> On Apr 1, 2017, at 9:36 AM, Edgar Hauster <> wrote:
>> Czernowitzers...
>> To this date, no research has been conducted on the Romanian and Jewish women who got involved in the saving of over 5.000 orphaned children from the Romanian occupation territory Transnistria. Among them Annie Andermann and Finnie Bibring both from Bukovina played a decisive role within the autonomous Help-Commission at the Jewish Center. Prof. Dr. Mariana Hausleitner's article [in German language] published by the Faculty of Arts Comenius University in Bratislava in 2016, now available at our Ehpes Blog
>> shines a light on this subject. The article shows how a group of Jewish women collected garments and medication for the deported Jews from Romania in the camps of Transnistria. They closely cooperated with some Romanian women who distributed these goods through the channels of the Romanian Red Cross. After a long struggle in the spring of 1944, the first orphaned children were repatriated to Romania and were later brought to Palestine by ship in 1944/1945.
>> Does anybody out there have knowledge of this rescue operation? We are very much looking forward to receiving your comments!
>> Edgar Hauster

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