Re: [Cz-L] Robert Burton's Comment on "The Jewish Hospital in Czernowitz"

From: Edgar Hauster <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 11:15:52 +0000
To: Josefine Koch <>, Robert Burton <>
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Dear Josefine,
Dear Bob,

Which is the "Jewish Taxpayer book Chernowitz from 1784", dear Josefine, you refer to? Is it different from the book listing the "Jewish Taxpayers in Bukovina at the End of 18th Century"

or is it the same one? And, dear Bob, did you notice that among those Jewish taxpayers you'll discover two KOLLO families, among them an extended one from Rarencze [Rarancze] by

1. downloading the "Index of Names" at:
2. searching for "KOLLO" and taking down "Family/Page No." and "Image"
3. downloading the "Transcription" at:
4. checking the pages 148/150 of the transcription
5. viewing the images in the "Photo Gallery":

Waremest wishes to all of you and I wish you success, dear Bob, for your ongoing research!

Edgar Hauster

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To: Merle Kastner
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Subject: Re: [Cz-L] Robert Burton's Comment on "The Jewish Hospital in Czernowitz"

Dear Mr Burton ,
For more information about the Kula family in Rarancze you should
check out the Jewish Taxpayer book Chernowitz from 1784 . The name
originally was probably - Kullo then Kulla and eventually Kula . The
historical trail you describe is exactly the one I always heard about
. My grandfather Josef Kula , had four siblings , three sisters and
one brother , he was the oldest son and so inherited most of the land
his younger brother inherited 25 %. After Josef married his first
cousin , my grandmother Dora who's first husband died and she was left
with a two year old girl - he and his brother and Dora - who was an
only child ( and inherited a lot of land from her father -Hersh Kula )
sold all the land to somebody from the family around 1905 . ( Maybe to
Max Kula ? ) .They moved to Czernowitz and my grandfather together
with Emil Korn (also family ) established a big export import
business , They even owned plantations in Sumatra. His sons , my
father and uncle, studied medicine in France and Italy . My
grandfather died 1934 . My parents and my grandmother Dora survived
Transdnistria and eventually moved to Israel . My uncle stayed in
France were he died in 1984 . My grandfather's sisters were lucky and
moved to the USA before the Holocaust . I traced most of my family ,
the only one whose trail I lost are the descendants of Clara Kula my
grandfather oldest sister - she married a layer - Colombo Fishler and
moved to the USA around 1920 , they lived in Florida . ( Anybody
related to them ?).
Indeed , a very long trail . Th

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