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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2017 11:40:47 -0400
To: Maurice Linker <>
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I believe that there was not one particular selection method, but
rather a number of them.
For example; My parents and I were in the ghetto when a rumor came to
my father's attention.
the rumor was that sickly people would not be deported. My mother,
when a teenager had had pneumonia.
Because of this she had calcified spots on her lungs. So my father
urged my mother to go to the doctor
thinking that the doctor would give her a certificate that she was
ill and not fit to be deported.
What he gave her, is a piece of paper on which he wrote
"bolnav" ( "sick" in Romanian).
He also wrote down the address in the ghetto at which we lived - Str.
Prezan #15
I still have the piece of paper.
That evening two soldiers came to the apartment in which we lived,
they had come to deport the Reifer family.
Luckily my mother was able to convince them that she did not know
anyone by that name,
She claimed that our name was Salomon (my father's first name) and
the reason
for her not having any documents, was that my father had gone to
obtain his Popovici authorization,
which on that day was given to people whose names started with the
letter R or S.

I think that when the deportations resumed on June 7, 1942 and in
July of that year,
soldiers searched all buildings in a given street and picked for
anyone who did not have the new Calotescu authorization to remain in

On May 20, 2017, at 8:11 PM, Maurice Linker wrote:

> Hi All
> I want to find out how the people were selected for transportation
> From what I remember? the gendarmes came in the middle of the night
> to a selected street and gave the Jewish people a short time to
> collect some belongings before they took them to the trains or
> gathering point?
> Please correct my memory I and my family lived in Landhauss Strasse
> with the Horniks my uncle Abraham and Aunt Marie and Daughter Lottie
> We stayed behind in Czernowitz
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> Maurice Linker
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