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Dear Fred,

I cannot identify the place as Zalishchyky but it is nevertheless very well possible. The style would fit to the architecture of the remains of the spa preserved next to river Dniester. And what other spa would be near Czernowitz?

Best wishes,

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Christian, Fellow Members,

Your mention of a sap at Zalishchyky made me curious.  I have attached a photograph of my great aunt, Ana (Kron) Biener, and my cousin, Sidi Biener, who lives in Israel.  Both were from Czernowitz.  I shared this picture with Sidi, who remembers that it was taken at a spa near Czernowitz.  She remembers especially the doll, which her mother bought for her at the spa. 
Are there enough details in this picture to identify the location as Zalishchyky?
Thank you,
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