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To add to Mark,s posting...remember the size of the Ukraine! The problems
are in the East near the Russian border, the Western Ukraine is very far
from there. And for a guide in Czernowitz I can highly recommend Natalya is (note German spelling).

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Lviv/Czernowitz are in the western part of Ukraine and felt totally safe,
no different than my other four trips before the war, except for more
flags, both the national blue/yellow and "patriotic" nationalist
red/black. The only crowds I saw were a Hare Krishna" march downtown on
Friday. The only traffic disruption was five minutes on the main road for a
major bicycle race. The State Department has to be overly cautious to keep
people from going to the front. We still have people who think it is
exciting to go to North Korea or Afghanistan. Note that the current
travel advisory refers only to "Crimea and the eastern regions of Donetsk
and Luhansk.*" I would not encourage anyone to go there, but embassy
dependents in Kiev have not been withdrawn. Whenever you travel to a
strange place you should be alert. As a practical matter, having a local
guide helps, so you save time getting around and ordering meals as well as
 learn if there are any local security threats.*

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