Story of my GUTHERZ-WENDER family of Czernowitz

By Mariette Gutherz

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History of the Jews in the Bukovina

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My mother, Genevieve Liffran was French but my father, Robert Gutherz who lives today in France, was born in 1918 in Czernowitz.

His family came from Austria . Robert's grandfather,Neumann Wender, was a chemistry professor in the Vienna university. He taught at the same time as Freud.

In Czernowitz he was a manager of a small pharmaceutical factory. He was for a few years mayor of the city.  His daughter, Rudolfina Wender married Rudolf Gutherz.

Carl Gutherz, brother of Rudolf, was for many years the president of the Jewish community

Emil Gutherz other brother of Rudolf was a bookseller.

1918   Czernowitz became Romanian. My grandfather, Rudolf Gutherz, who was a lawyer, had to re-sit his examinations in Romanian. The Austrian Jews had to obtain Romanian citizenship.

June 1940 until July 1941, after the notorious Molotoff- Riebentropp pact, the northern part of Bukowina with Czernowitz as its capital was ceded to the Soviet Union. The Russians deported a number of Jews from Czernowitz to Siberia.

July 1941 Czernowitz returns under  fascist Romania with Germany as its main protector.
Many Jews are killed and others deported in Transnistrien.

My grandfather, Rudolf Gutherz was already dead ( sickness), my grandmother, Rudolfina Wender-Gutherz, when the Russian arrived, escaped to Bucharest with her son Richard
( my uncle 'Ricardo' lives today in Brazil).

Carl Gutherz, was deported to Siberia or killed by the fascist Romanians ... Nobody knows...
His daughters Nora (today Barzilay) and Mitzi Gutherz are probably in Israel. We lost track
of Nora for a long time.

Robert Gutherz

1937: Robert Gutherz obtains the Romanian baccalaureate and leaves Czernowitz for
Prague to study medicine at the German university.

1938 : Hitler invades the Sudettenland. Robert decides to leave Prague and to rejoin
friends from Czernowitz in France, in the famous medicine university of Montpellier.
Summer 38: he works for a month in the Jewish hospital in Czernowitz. The director,
Dr Ohrenstein was a friend of his uncle Karl.

End of summer 38 : Robert travels across Tchecoslovaquia, Austria and arrives in
Montpellier with a tourist visa! He continues studying medicine, falls in love in my mother(Genevieve), stops the practice of medicine in 1941( first laws anti Jews in
France). He is hiden by my mother and joins the 'Résistance'. After the war he
becomes a doctor and a pioneer of the painless birth (method Lamaze) in Nîmes
(France). Married to Genevieve, they have had 5 children (I am the youngest).

1993: After his wife's death, Robert returns to Czernowitz (Tchernivtsy- Ukraine)
He recognize his house in the University Street.

since 1994: Robert Gutherz lives in a old people's home in Nîmes.

April 2004: Robert Gutherz passed away. Before his death, thanks to this webpage,  
Robert Gutherz was able to find his cousin Nora who lives in Israel and to speak to her
by telephone. My thanks to  Ashley de Safrin for establishing this linkage.

2004:  "My uncle  Ricardo,Cristiana Gutherz's father,has passed away 6
months after his brother Robert, on September 10th, 2004.

In January 2005, my cousin Cristiana Gutherz has come from Brazil
to France to meet us for the first time.

My sister called Anne Gutherz, Cristiana and me are trying to
arrange a trip to Ukraine,to try to find some souvenirs about our


Mariette Gutherz

2000: I have directed a documentary on my father Robert Gutherz story.

2001-2003 I have written a book 'Je ne suis pas guéri de la médecine'
The complete memories of my father. It will be published in France by
'les éditions de l?Harmattan' in July 2003.

I am a french film editor and documentary filmmaker, I live in Montreal
(Quebec, Canada) since the year 2000.

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