The Czernowitz Street Name Translator

This is the third incarnation (updated 2007-06-06) of the Translator, again, corrected and much improved. The first version was taken from the 'Planul' Romanian street map (early 1920's?) that had both German and Romanian street names. Yossi Eshet, Bruce Reich, and Marc Goldberger were responsible for the original effort, and Marc was responsible for this version and the previous version.

This version consists of three separate sheets each one sorted alphabetically  by the primary language of the sheet.  Thus, there are Romanian, Austro-Hungarian, and Ukrainian sheets.  There are also Russian street names on each sheet, which are now complete. If you wish the original spread sheets from which the html versions were made just send me an email

As well, two maps were used to produce the final sheets for this version: The Planul mentioned above and the 1941 German Stadtplan. The co-ordinates for the streets are given for both maps. You can view the map images with the links above and save them on your computer if you wish.

The sheets can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below:

Sorted on Romanian street names
Sorted on German street names
Sorted on Ukrainian street names
November 2015 addition of 50 changed street names from Marc Goldberger: here