Second Set of Photographs and Commentary from Lucca Ginsburg
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Photo No.1:  This is one page from our passport which served us at the same time as
an exit permit in 1948 when we left Bucharest.  Ours was the last plane to leave Rumania,
which by then was very pink, soon to become completely communist red. No more exit
permits were granted. Here I am with my parents.

Photo No.2:  My father's Czernowitz Identity Card. Issued in 1942.

Photo No. 3  My father as a schoolboy. He tried to destroy this photo because he said he looks like a
perfect idiot in it -- but I saved it.

Picture No. 4. Would one believe that these three girls became good looking women?  My mother to
the right and her two younger sisters, Eda Wachtel (married surname) and Erna Rosenblatt
(also married surname).