Czernowitz Photos From Mimi Taylor - Page 1

Graduating class of 1927 of the "Liceul #3 on Piata Ghica Voda"
I can identify only some of the people pictured, but know more names of the
people in that class, they are: Hermelin, Gottesmann, Segall, Grunberg,
Metsch, Hacken, Vircik. If you think you might be able to identify these
people, let me know.

And, here's another of the same class

Jiddisch Arbeiter Zeitung - 1925 photograph of the people involved in the
production of the weekly Yiddish newspaper "Yiddishe Arbeiter Zeitung".
My grandfather Saul Leib Steinmetz, seated second from right in the middle
row, was the editor and publisher. I have been told that one of the people
in the photograph, I do not know which one, is Ben Zvi, who later was the
president of Israel.

Radio - photograph of 1929, with the first radio built in Czernowitz.
It was built by my uncle Yehoshua (Schiku) Steinmetz, center in upper row.