Links, Links, and More Links

This is Hugo Gold's two volume history of the Jews in Bukovina with
many photographs:

Peter Elbau is not a genealogist but has collected a wealth of interesting
material about Bukovina, Czernowitz, and Jewish life in the area. An
eclectic and interesting site:

The JGen shtetlink site for Radautz designed by Bruce Reisch

Also designed by Bruce Reich, the Sadgura shtetlink site.

The official site of the Bukovina Jews. Areas devoted to history of Bukovina; Jewish history; travel;
contemporary life; holocaust; and much more:

Rumanian/German street name equivalents in Czernowitz:

Dizzy Web - all about Czernowitz:
   lots of photos

City of Chernivtsi Un-Official Home page:

City of Chernivtsi Official Web Site

Bruce Reisch's speaking notes on  Genealogical Research in Bukovina... Lots of history,
great links, and information.

Shushana Hesed is the Jewish service organization in Czernowitz. To say they are doing
amazing things would be an understatement. You'll just have to visit the English version
of the site at:
This link deals with the intellectual, literary and cultural life of pre-WWII Czernowitz and  surrounds.
It is entirely in German. Definitely worth a visit even if just for the links. In the webiste's owner's words:
"On my website I want to primarily point out new German-language based publications (whenever
possible also English-, Ukrainian-, Russian- or Romanian-language based). It is also my aim to
present and review those publications. An essential part of the website is also the reference to events
and symposia that deal with Czernowitz, with the Bukowina and with people who in the past or present
spoke out about this cultural and historical area.

Link to Eli Schachar's  Gura Humorului website honouring the Jewish community of this southern Bukovina town (now in Romania). There is a list of former residents -- you may find someone related.

If you have never visited  you are in for a very pleasant and interesting journey.  Ted Margulis has put together a most comprehensive set of links to  'Jewish Roots' on the web.  You can browse by country for historical and genealogical sites; check out history of Jewish surnames; find Jewish recipes; thumb through a great Yiddish dictionary and collection of Yiddish sayings; the list is almost endless.  Click on the URL above and enjoy!

This website celebrates the 1908 Conference on the Yiddish Language held in Czernowitz.  A fascinating collection of documents, phtographs and other materials relating to the conference. Well worth a visit.

A Photo DVD and a Movie DVD about Czernowitz is available from Reinhold Czarny. The site is in German with an English translation at the bottom of the page.  Go to

Steven Lasky's Museum of Family HistoryAn internet-only museum with material on Jewish life in pre-war Europe and the United States, including information for Czernowitz researchers such as burial information for New York Czernowitz society plots, family photographs and links to other sites of interest.  You can click here to go directly to the Czernowitz page.

The German non-profit initiative step21 started a project all about the Czernowitz poetess Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger. Besides a Europe-wide writing contest, step21 developed a free multimedia-box for teachers: with the box, school classes can learn about Jewish culture and the holocaust in a creative way. More information and ordering of the box at:  *Note.. this site is in German

Austrian Society for Exile Research, the Vienna Exile Academy and the Theodor Kramer Society -- The Bukowina is very well represented in the publications and the symposia. *this site is in German

The Blogs of Edgar Hauster at is an outstanding collection of commentary, schollarly historical research, book reviews, opinion, hard to find data, and chronicles of Jewish suffering across Bukovina, Romania, Galicia, and Ukraine. The breadth and depth of Edgar's  work is outstanding. Go there and see for yourself!  Most of the blogs are in German; the Czernowitz blog and the Jewish Files of Radauti are in English.

The blog at serves as a site to announce and describe lectures and other events connected to Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer’s book “Ghosts of Home,” to Czernowitz and the Bukowina, and to other East European cities and town that were once home to sizable Jewish populations.  It also permits readers to comment and to enter into discussion about the intergenerational transmission of the memory of “lost” places.

The Website of the Chernivitsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews -
beautifully crafted by
Galina Kharaz.