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My ancestor from seven generations ago was Josef Moshe Liquornik.  He was the first known RABBI IN SADAGURA,  serving from the late 1700s to 1807. He was buried in Israel in 1808 but I have not been able to locate the grave. Prior to being a rabbi in Sadagura he was known as the MAGGID of KOMARNO.  His son, JESHEYAHU LIQUORNIK was rabbi of Sadagura from 1807 to 1828.  Josef, his father and grandfather, were born in OSTROG (W).  His grandfather negotiated with the Russian general, Suvarov, to save the town.

My great uncle MORITZ LIQUORNIK was  head of the Czernowitz chapter of the Bukovina Zionist State Organization.  He helped greet Chaim Weizmann in 1927.   He wrote a book about the history of Czernowitz, possibly published in Tel Aviv, in 1944. I bought the manuscript, in auction. It is neatly written, in German, and 60 pages long. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE HELP IN TRANSLATING SOME OR ALL OF IT. I could pay a modest fee. 

Moritz mothers last name was RUBEL.

Moritz lived at 7 Russischgasse in 1914; and there was a Moritz Liquornik living at the following addresses, in these years:
1924, 10 Ghica Voda (Austriaplatz)
1927, 7 Romana Strasse
1936, 15 Nicolae Filipescu Strasse

Moritz uncle,  Israel Liquornik, lived at 9 Bergasse, in 1921.

My grandparents JACOB TRACHTENBROD and Anna Liquornik, and my mother Teomila lived at 25 Regele Ferdinand Strasse from 1927-1936 and 11 Russiaschgasse in 1909..  They owned two shoe stores  in town. 

A well known German writer in the US, Arthur Gong (Alfred Liquornik), was friends with Paul Celan, and lived at 9 Bergasse.

My father, Isaac Liquornik,  lived in Kolomyya.

I live in New York.

I hope that someone recognizes these names or address.  So far no one has.


Jack Likwornik
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