Jerome Schatten's
Czernowitz-L page

My connection with Czernowitz:  My p. grandfather Adolf was married to Sali Falikmann in Czernowitz in 1901. My father Emanuel (Monju) and my uncle Siegfried were born in Czernowitz in 1903 and 1905 respectively.  Adolf came to Ellis Island 3 March 1908 on the Kroonland, with Sali and the children following on the Vaderland, 24 May 1909.

I have been researching the Schatten/Falikman(n) family from Czernowitz for several years now with precious little success.

A draft family tree appears below:

In a 1913 City Directory for Czernowitz two more Schattens were found: Leon and  Rudolf, but I have not been able to connect them.

Below is my treasure, Adolf and Sali's wedding invitation from Czernowitz in 1901, which I found inside the pages of a novel that belonged to my mother.

If any of the above rings any bells, or you have some suggestions as to how I might proceed looking for the given names of the wives of Seinwel Schatten and/or Josel Falikman it would be much appreciated.

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