CJCRO Progress report of May 15th 2011

As of my last visit on May 4th 2011 to the Czernowitz Jewish cemetery, all of the cemetery except about 2 hectares in the southern section, have been cleared once, of the sapling trees, bushes and vines, which covered the whole cemetery, when CJCRO started its work in 2009. Currently, May 15th, these 2 hectares are being cleared as well.

Unfortunately the cemetery administration, last year, did not spray the cleared areas with herbicides, and as a consequence new growth has sprouted from the stumps and roots of the previously cut vegetation. In some areas, this new growth vegetation is so dense that it will have to
be cut before the area can be sprayed with herbicides. The cutting of this new vegetation, will fortunately be much easier and less expensive than the cutting of the original vegetation. The new canes and sprouts are relatively thin and the wood is green, so it can be cut with shears and will not need to be cut with power saws.

Our plans are:
1. Clear the areas of the cemetery which have not been cleared so far.
2. Spray with herbicides those areas cleared last year.
3. Cut the newly sprouting vegetation in area previously cleared.
4.Spray with herbicides the areas being cleared now
5. Spray with herbicides the areas in which the new growth has been cut.

On the schematic map of the cemetery shown above, areas are delineated in various colors, according to the work which has been carried out on them, or still needs to be done.

The segment of the cemetery delineated in red - was  cleared of vegetation, but new vegetation has sprouted from roots and stumps.

The segment of the cemetery delineated in blue, is currently being cleared of weedy vegetation. The area delineated in yellow was cleared of vegetation last late summer or fall  and is still clear.

The area delineated in green, was cleared of vegetation and sprayed with herbicides and is clear of all perennial vegetation.

Mimi Taylor