Please contribute to CJCRO “Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery
Restoration Organization”
If your ancestors or relatives are interred in the Czernowitz/
Chernivtsi Jewish cemetery, or if you have an interest
in preserving this old beautiful monument to the Jews of Czernowitz    
and their heritage, please contribute to CJCRO and the work it is
doing for the restoration of this cemetery.

Send your contributions;  in US Dollars, either by personal check
made out to: “Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery Restoration Organization”,
or through Western Union, to:
Miriam Taylor
3712 Brownridge Rd.
Bloomington IN 47401
Please send larger contributions, $500 and over, through wire
transfer directly to the account of CJCRO at:
J P Morgan Chase Bank, branch 000831,
2642 E3rd street
Bloomington IN 47401-4208
The SWIFT Number of the CJCRO account is 074000010.
And the account number is 833738792.