Photos of List Members

Abraham Kogan - Tel Aviv, Israel Aizic Sechter - Be'er Ya'akov, Israel Axexander Gelman Brooklyn NY, USA Alexander Rosner - Cologne, Germany; I left Czernowitz at the age of 20
Alex Denisenko - Lviv, Ukraine Alexis Lieblich - Paris, France Alfred (Fred) Schneider - Alfred and wife Tosia on their 60th anniversary in Atlanta, Georgia (von Winde verweht). Alti Rodal - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Andy Halmay - Toronto, Ontario, Canada Ann Fuhrmann Gross - Dallas, Texas, USA Anny Benita Schäfer Chemla - Vincennes (near Paris), France Anny Matar - Ramat Gan, Israel
Antigone Julie Berlizon - Saint Barthélemy, Les Antilles françaises (French West Indies) Ariane Alpern - Muenchen, Germany Arthur Rindner - Arthur and Greta Rindner at the Cheval Blanc, Lembach, Alsace, France Asher Turtell - Petach-Tiqwa Israel
Avi Raanan (formerly was Frisch) - Givat Schmuel, Israel Baruch Cohen - Montréal, Québec, Canada Sonia (née Lift) & Baruch Cohen, Friends of Ehpes Baruch Eylon - (name was formerly Alper). Ramat Hasharon, Israel. My Bukovina parents were from Banila pe Siret Ben G. - Washington, DC, USA
Bernard Cedar - Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA Bernice Iscovitch Goldsmith (Goldschmidt) Z'L - Montréal, Québec, Canada Bernie Levy - Stamford, Connecticut, USA Bernie Spector - Montréal, Québec, Canada
Berti Glaubach - Haifa, Israel Bianca Rosenthal - Pismo Beach, California, USA Bruce & Kim Reisch - Geneva, New York, USA.- Photo taken at Brian Head, Utah Bruce Wexler - Jackson, New Jersey, USA, Photo shows Bruce with son Kevin and nephew, Jonathan Wexler, at the grave of his great-grandmother, Rosa Kremenitz, in the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery.
Carl Ulrich - Carl and Paula (née Kreisberg) Ulrich - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Caryn Weisinger Wariner - With grandson Sam. Franklin, Tennessee, USA Catherine Glückmann Neykov, Paris, France Charles Polak - SW London, England
Charles Rosner - z"l - Provence, France Christian Herrmann - Cologne, Germany.This photo was taken in Tallinn, Estonia during a conference in the winter of 2009/2010 Chya Goldman - Montreal, Quebec, Canada Cliff Rees - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Cora Schwartz - Pelham, New York (a suburb of New York City) during the week when I work and in South Fallsburg, New York (upstate New York) the rest of the time. Cornel Fleming - Cornel and his son, Dr. Simon Fleming, London, UK (Fleming was originally Fleminger) Dale Prince - Paris, France Dana Dimitriu - Wiesbaden, Germany
Dana Radler - Bucharest Romania Daniel Dobowy - Montréal, Québec, Canada Daniel Horowitz - Kfar Saba, Israel Danny Fishler - Haifa, Israel. Danny at work in Israel
Dan Teitelbaum - Raleigh, NC, USA (shown with his son Davis) David Glynn - Cheam, Surrey (suburb of London), England David Weiner, Delft, Holland, with his grandson, Gidi Weiner, at his Bar Mitzvah, Beit Daniel                                                    Synagogue in Tel Aviv David Rinzler - Montréal, Québec, Canada - Oliver (Chaim), David & Sara Rinzler.
Dean Echenberg - Tiburon, California, USA Dick Conoboy - Bellingham, Washington, USA - Photo taken in March 2010 at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem. Dow Friedman - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - Photo shows Dow (formerly Boris) and his wife, Marieta R. Friedman (born in Rio). Dow was born in Czernowitz in 1933, deported to Transnistria. He says, “it is not just a city, it is my past from where I was uprooted as a young boy.” Edgar Hauster - Lent, Netherlands and Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany; Edgar with Martina Lelgemann
Ellen Goldman - Naples, Florida, USA Ellen Greenspan - Long Island, New York, USA Emil Hitzig - Rishon le Zion, Israel - Photo was taken during the visit to Jerusalem, March 04, 2011 Erik C. Rostholder - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Erik and his wife, Emily (née Goldberg). Erik is originally from New York.
Ervin Spinner - Montréal, Québec, Canada - Ervin with his wife Phyllis & their grandson Aryeh Eytan Fichman - Hai Phong Viet Nam Ezra Heymann - Living since 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela, lived 1953-1973 in Montevideo, Uruguay Fanny (née Barth) Cooper - Caracas, Venezuela and partly in Miami Florida, USA -I was born in Cozmeni, Bukowina, and lived in Czernowitz till the end of 1943 and then in Palestine till 1952.
Felicia Carmelly - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Friend of Ehpes Felix Garfunkel - Dayton, Ohio, USA Florence Ebner - Chartres, France Florence Heymann - Jerusalem, Israel
Francis Mechner - New York City, NY, USA Frederick Andermann - Montréal, Québec, Canada - Photo was taken in the courtyard of his old house at Karolinengasse 5, together with his son and daughter, Mark and Lisa Andermann, during the Czernowitz reunion in 2006. Fred Weisinger - Sydney, Australia Frieda Weinschenker Tabak - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Gabriele Weissman - Berlin, Germany - Photo taken recently on her 65th birthday, with her husband Eduard and daughter Nadine. Gaby Rinzler - Gainesville, Florida, USA - in a retirement community "Oak Hammock" at the University of Florida Gadi Rennert - Haifa, Israel Galina Kharaz - Jerusalem, Israel
Gary Davis - St. John, New Brunswick, Canada Gary Werner - Indio, California, USA - Photo was taken in 2009 at the Descanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge, California. Gary is the son of Nathan and Jana Werner, now deceased, who were married in Czernowitz in 1944. Gay Lynne Kegan - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Gerhard Schreiber - Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA
Gershon Shatzberg - Redwood City, California, USA Gertie Nahum - Born Bartfeld Anderman in Czernowitz, lives in Ramat Hasharon Israel Gitit Fainaru - Israel Gloria Resin - Palos Verdes Estates, California, USA
Hadassah “Dassy” Wilen - Staten Island, New York, USA (with her sister Marcia and Marcia’s grandson Ethan) Hanna Bergew - Baltimore, Maryland, USA (with granddaughter Maeve) Hannelore Condiescu - Paris, France Hardy Breier - Haifa, Israel
Harry Jarvis - z"l - Bournemouth, England (Jarvis was originally Jaslowitz) Hedwig “Hedy” Brenner - Haifa, Israel. Photo shows Hedwig celebrating her 92nd birthday. Helene Ryding - Vilnius, Lithuania Henry (Heinrich) Sinnreich - Richardson (Dallas), Texas, USA.
Henry Rendall - Henry, shown here with his wife Cathy - Toronto, Ontario, Canada Hetty Lima, Chicago, Illinois, USA Ian Beitel - Montreal, Quebec, Canada Ignacio Sternberg - Caracas, Venezuela
Ilana Gordon - Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA. Photo shows Ilana and her sister, Stella Acher at their great-grandfather's grave in Czernowitz. Their mother, Victoria Gedaly Gruber, is the Czernovitzer. Ilana Maor - Kiriat Motzkin, Israel Ina Lancman - Queens, New York, USA. On the balcony of our apt on Slowackiegasse (Pierwshotrawnieva), Czernowitz, August 2008 Ines Schmid - Karlsrhue Germany ARSP Volunteer
Inbar Dekel-Levinzon, Karkor, Habrach, Israel Iosif Vaisman - Bethesda, MD, USA. Photo was taken in front of building #5 on Synagogengasse (aka Strada Wilson, aka Vulytsya Barbyusa) in 2004. Irene Fishler (Ehrenkranz) - Haifa, Israel. Photo was taken on Carmel Mt., at our picnic area which was not touched by the devastating fires of December 2010. Iris AlRoy and her daughter Emilia Blei AlRoy- San Francisco, Calif., USA
Iris June Steinhauser Vinegar - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Irv Osterer - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Isidoro Zaidman Walzer - Born and lived in Caracas, Venezuela and three years ago, moved to San Jose, Costa Rica Jane Reifer - Fullerton, California, USA. Jane is the granddaughter of Paul Reifer and Sara “Dushka" (Roessler) Roessler) Reifer from Czernowitz.
Jane Rostos - Suceava, Romania Jeanette R. Rosenberg - London, England Jean Weightman - London, England Jeff Adams - Vashon, Washington, USA, a beautiful, rural community in on a 20x10 km island between Seattle and Tacoma. This photo shows Jeff, his wife Alejandra Tres and their boys, Carlos (older) and Francisco Adams-Tres.
Jerome Schatten - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Jessie Attiyeh - San Diego California, USA  - Jessica “Jessie” and Richard “Dick”Attiyeh Jill Bieder Rothwell - "Lives between Auckland in the North Island and Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand". "Photo was taken at Stewart Island which is in the Roaring 40's half way to the South Pole." Joanna Liss - Beverly, Massachusetts, USA - Writing a poem in the cemetery
Jody Shiffman Wintsch - Bloomington, Indiana, USA Joel Aloni - Jerusalem, Israel. In this photo: Joel and Lea Aloni Joe Poras "Yossel" - Miami Beach, Florida, USA John Firestone - New York, NY, USA
Jonny Heiss Schmidt - Born and living in Santiago, Chile - My parents, Berthold Heiss and Rosa Schmidt, came to Chile from Vascauti, near Czernowitz, in 1938. Jorge 'Dyuri' Gubitsch - Toulouse, France Josh Beutel - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Joyce Wolf Field - West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Judith Baker - San Diego, California, USA Judith Nadler - Chicago, Illinois, USA (shown with her husband, Dr. Norton Nadler) Julian Rubin - Dimona, Israel Julie Dawson - Brooklyn, New York, USA. This picture was taken in southern Transylvania near where I used to live.
Ken Cutler - Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA Kevin R. Wexler - My paternal grandmother, Edith Yeta Dorf Wexler, was born in Czernowitz in May, 1908. Larry Herman - Oak Brook (Chicago suburb), Illinois, USA Laura Munzer - Passaic, New Jersey, USA
Lea Haber Gedalia - Atlit, by the sea, Israel (9 km south of Haifa) for the last 2 years, but lived in Jerusalem all her adult life until then. Leonard Olschner - London, England Leonie Barabas-Weil - Czernowitz, Ukraine.  I am 19 years old. I am a German volunteer. I live and work in Czernowitz for one year, working in the Jewish museum and in the Chessed Shushana. I am very interested in the Jewish history in the Bucovina. Lilian Madfes - Montevideo, Uruguay
Linda Hutkin Slade - Encinitas, California, USA (daughter of Esti Eisenfeld) Linda Ikler Gilboord - Albany, New York, USA. Linda and her husband, Louis Gilboord. Lisa Cohn - Wayne, New Jersey, USA Lloyd Marksammer, Long Beach, NY, USA, Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA
Lucca Koch Ginsberg, z"l - Haifa, Israel Ludwig Rudel - Bethesda, Maryland, USA Lydia Hogarth - London, England - Lydia was born in Czernowitz, as Lida Oigenstein Lydia Schmerler - z"l - Paris, France
Marc Cohen - Palo Alto, California, USA Marc Goldberger - Rehovot, Israel Marianne Hirsch - New York, NY, USA Marilyn Hayes - Montréal, Québec, Canada
Marion Tauschwitz - Heidelberg, Germany Mark Wiznitzer - Arlington, Virginia, USA.This photo was taken on the day in May, 2010 when I found my grandfather's burial in the Chernovitz cemetery. Martha Davis - Tarzana, California, USA Maurice Linker - Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Melvyn Niederhoffer - Montréal, Québec, Canada Merle Kastner - Montréal, Québec, Canada Michael J Rubel - Mission Viejo, California, USA. My grandfather, his siblings, and parents were all from Czernowitz. My grandfather emigrated to the U.S. in 1903 from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Michael Kransdorff - Johannesburg South Africa
Michael Surkis - New York, New York, USA - Photo shows Michael and Eleanor Surkis in Vinitza, Ukraine Michelle Handler - North Carolina, USA Mickey Rostoker - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Miha Ahronovitz - Rocklin California
Mike Fuhr - Reading, England Mimi Reifer Taylor - Bloomington, Indiana, USA Miriam Lava Rosner - B’nai-Dror, Israel Miriam Suss - Melbourne, Australia. Photo shows Miriam with her mother, Cecilia Zydowerner, Zacharias, born Czernowitz, 1918
Molly Neufeld - Toronto, Ontario, Canada Mordecai Lapidot and his wife Leah, taken at his 80th birthday celebration (he was born on the night of Purim and hence his name) -- Givatayim, Israel Moshe Reder - San Francisco, California, USA Moshe Rubin - Brooklyn, New York, USA
Nigel Siederer - London, England Nomy Weber - Kiriat Bialik, Israel Norman Manea - NYC, NY USA Nurit Ben Zvi - Rehovot, Israel - Photo was taken in The Flower Market, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Oct., 2010
Nurit Naeh, Haifa, Israel Oren Saraf - Reut, Israel Ossi Horovitz - Cluj, Romania Pamela Fern Taylor - Twinsburg, Ohio, U.S.A. - Pamela's grandparents and great grandparents, all Schiffnagels, moved from Lipcan to Czernovitz around 1918 where some of the family members remained until the mid- 1990s.
Paula Neuman Gris - Atlanta, Georgia, USA Paul/Pessach Heger - Tel Aviv, Israel and Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Photo taken at Kaffee Vienna, Czernowitz, April 2009. Peretz Bretschnieder - Modiin, Israel Phil Katz - Rockland County, New York, USA - Photo shows Phil and his son, Jonathan “John”
Phyllis Gabovitch - Indianapolis Indiana, USA Raul Artal (Mittelmark) - Palos Verdes, California, USA Renee Steinig - Dix Hills, New York, USA Richard Gross - Guilford, Connecticut, USA
Rita Shilo - Ramat-Hasharon, near Tel-Aviv, Israel.  I am a second generation Czernovitzer. My parents, Biniu (Ben-Zion) and Lotti (Lea) Margulies (Margalit) lived there, were deported to Transnistria, and after WWII moved to Bucharest, where I was born. I have participated in the reunion in Czernovitz in 2006. Rob Gartenberg - Brussels, Belgium.  I'm the great-grandson of Josef Ohrenstein, who founded and directed the Jewish hospital in Czernowitz. My mother is the daughter of one of Josef's daughters, Pauline Ohrenstein, and Max Kraemer, a lawyer and businessman who was a member of the B'nai Brith lodge in Czernowitz. So my mother (who lives in London) and her elder brother (who lives in Tel Aviv) were both born in Czernowitz. Roberta Waldman Bell - Long Beach, CA, USA Ronald Cohen - Paris, France
Ruth Gavis - Washington, DC, USA Ruth Glasberg Gold - Aventura, Florida, USA Ruth Levin - Jerusalem Israel - b. Cimpulung -    daughter of Leibu Levin Sally Bendersky Schachner - Santiago, Chile
Samuel Shkolnick - Bat-Yam, Israel - In this photo on the left, his grandson Afik , on the right - his granddaughter Chen who live in Holon. This picture was taken in 2008 on the beach at Rishon Le Zion. Sandra Newberger Greenberg - Denver, Colorado, USA Serah Greenberg-Kraft - Sydney, Australia - Photo-Czernowitz in 2006 when I attended my school reunion. Shellie Wiener - San Francisco, California, USA
Shlomo Shyovitz - “I split my time between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA and Haifa, Israel, where my mother Leah Thaler-Shyovitz (of Gura Humorului and later Vatra Dornei) lives. Shlomo Weber - Nomy (Nana) Weber’s husband, Kiriat Bialik, Israel (born in Waschkautz) Shula Klinger - North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Photo shows Shula, Benjamin, Joel Abraham and husband, Graham Harrington. Shula is the granddaughter of Regina Picker, from Czernowitz" Sido Surkis - Eugene, Oregon, USA
Sid Seidenstein - Sunny Vale, California, USA Simon Kreindler - Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In this photo are Simon and Ruby Kreindler Stephen Winters - Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA Steve Stein - Highland Park, New Jersey, USA.  Steve & Helen (née Rosenthal) Stein. Steve is the researcher, Helen’s grandfather was the Czernovitzer.
Sylvia de Swaan - Utica, New York, USA Sylvie Reicher Gsell - Paris, France Tal Moshe Zwecker - Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel.   Tal Moshe Zwecker together with his Rebbe the Clevelander Rebbe Shlit"a of Raanana, Israel. The Rebbe once lived in Czernowitz with his father Rabbi Yissacher Ber Rav of Strozhnitz and his grandfather Rav Isamar of Nadvorna / Czernowitz. Thalia Gar’in Faye - Los Angeles, California, USA. Photo shows Thalia (טליה) with her sister, Nurith Gar’in Hershkovitz
Theo Hessing - London, United Kingdom Victoria Barkoff - Montréal, Québec, Canada Wanda Ratcliffe-Smith  -Surrey B.C. Canada Yitzhak Rosner - Beer Sheva, Israel
Yohanan Loeffler - Melbourne Australia Yosef Eshet (Jerry Wolf) - Raanana, Israel Yossi Yagur - Petah-Tiqwa, Israel Zvi Straucher - Haifa, Israel