Cyber-Memorials to Traian Popovici

Gladys Afamado  (b. 1925)  is Uruguayan.  She lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Since l965 she has participated in numerous International Biennales and Triennales, and she has made exhibitions in Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Bélgium, Finland, and USA. She has received several awards for her art. In 1998, she started to explore Digital Art. 

Ruth  Schaerf Sharvit was born in Cernauti Romania (Czernowitz) and now lives in Haifa, Israel. She holds MSc in Architecture and Town Planning from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and is a member of Israeli Architects and Engineer Association and the Israel painters & Sculptors Association . Ms.Sharvit has studied art, painting, drawing, cinema and photography and has exhibited in Israel and Europe. Her website is at:

Eloísa Ibarra was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1968,  where she lives and works. She received her degree as Graphic Designer from the Polytechnical School of Uruguay and since 1998 she has combined her professional advertising activity with the visual arts. She attended the National School of Fine Arts as well as drawing and painting workshops. Pedro Peralta and Gustavo Fernández are among her teachers, as well as Nelson Ramos from CEA.  She has exhibited widely in  Uruguay and Argentina. 

Susana Liberman, Uruguayan artist was born in Montevideo 1976.  She studied Graphic Design, Photography and Sculpture. Later, she studied Contemporary Art Forms and Mixed Media Arts while abroad in the United States. She Currently resides in Montevideo, Uruguay where digital art, painting and sculpture are her focus.