Locating the Plaque

[from Mimi Taylor]

The following photographs and sections of maps, are to show the location
and the look of the house and street, in which Traian Popovici lived,
prior to his being nominated mayor. The address is currently
M. Zankovetska #6, previously it was Avram Jancu 8B.


To the left:  A section of the 2006 Ukranian pictorial map of central Chernivtsi. Zankovetska St. starts around '13'. This map has North at the bottom of the page.

Above:  A section of the 1941 German Stadtplan von Czernowitz. The street we want is A.Iancu and is near item '41'. Look for the Mogan Dovid.  North is at the top of the map.


Top left:  Zankovetska 6, the actual house where Traian Popovici lived.

Top right:  Close-up of entrance way at Zankovetska 6.

Bottom left:  Zankovetska street as seen from the North - Philharmonic Society on left and Hotel Bristol on right.

Bottom right:  Zankovetska street as seen from the South-SW. The Popovici house is on the right.