The Popovici Plaque proposal made by Anatoly Piantkovski

[... Scans of xerox pages the artist prepared with his initial idea for the plaque.  The lettering, of course, is gibberish -- intended only to give a sense of how text material would be placed.  The key features of this proposal are: (1) the photo of P. wearing a hat and looking quite elegant; the surrounding images of standing persons -- intended to refer to the thousands saved by P (see enlargement).; and Popovici's signature extended as a line to symbolize the importance of the signature as a an element marking those who were saved by receiving it from those who were not.

This, of course, was his first draft proposal.  When we saw it, we did like the idea of including the signature and liked the rendering of P.'s image, but we were divided about the inclusion of the standing people.] -text extracted from email from leo spitzer

Additional info: The Plaque would be made of black basalt stone, the text and design would be carved and if we decided to have a carving of Popovici's face, It would be made of bronze. -m.h.