Below, Hirshel Bloshtein and family in Argentina (1931)

Hirshel Bloshtein with grandson Alex in 1965


I have a couple of his (Bloshtein's) works as he corresponded with his niece,
my mother, when the survivors made contact after the war, one of them describes
his feelings when he first revisited Kedainiai after the war but they are all in Yiddish.
I am sure that there are many Yiddish library archives that contain his works, both
those from Argentina and from Russia.

It is still a mystery to me as to why my mother, who must have known, about the
family in Argentina, never told  me anything about what took place.  I only pieced
it together when I went through photos after her death.

Hirshel's daughter Milda and her son were not aware of the Argentinean family until
I told them. I also discovered about 20 letters from Hirshel to my father dated 1913 to
1925;  however, my mother did not keep any post war letters. My father died in 1956
having never mentioned Hirshel to me.  My mother eventually went back to Russia
for a visit in 1979 at the age of 75 to see the mass grave in Kedainiai.

Some of Hirshel Bloshtein's works:

Hirsh Bloshtein , born 1895. From 1925 in Argentina and since
1931 in Soviet Russia. Printed poems, stories, reviews,
journalistic articles in the Yiddish press of Lithuania,
Argentina, America and especially in the Soviet-Yiddish
Creator of "Arbshulog " (Buenos-Aires), "Songs of
Struggle" (ibid, 1930), "Barricades Under the Palms"
(Kharkov-Kiev, 1933) "I am Young" (Kharkov, 1934), "Children of
One Class" (1935), "New Songs" (1938), "Birobidzhan Notes"
(Kiev, 1939), "Among Wolves" (Kiev, 1939), "By a Lyric Spring"
(1977) and others.

     Bloshtein, Hirsh, 1895  - TITLE:  Lider fun kamf / H. Bloshteyn.
PUBLISHED: Buenos Ayres : Farlag "Neyvelt", 1930.

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