The Writings, Documents and Photographs of Herschl Jaslowitz (Dr. Harry Jarvis)


I was born on 16 June 1922 in Cuciurul-Mare (Romania), where my father was district medical officer, and where he met my mother Lotte in the nearby villaga of Voloca.

My  first ten years were spent attending the local primary school. Grandma Singer  from Voloca owned property  in Czernowitz and gave my parents a first floor  flat at Str. Stefan-Mare 10a previously the Siebenburgerstrase.

My father's  mother (Bertha Sommer), married sister and child Ruth Baumgarten lived in the  Bahnhofstrasse; my mother had a cousin Dr, Moritz Einhorn whose son was Ehrich  and we went to the same school, Seminarul Pedagogic Universitar until I was 16  1/2 years old. (See my article below: 'Relative values and Poetic Licence'; it tells the story and my  interest in Paul Celan)

Threatening political storm clouds gathered on the horizon, and I had  English lessons and was eventually sent to England in care of  Bassia Jaslowitz in London.

I attended  the Grocers Company School to Matriculate, and then then St. Marys' Hospital to  qualify as a Doctor.  I later devoted most of my life to anaesthesia. 

I married Anne Shineberg and  we had two children Ruth and Allan. Before the marriage, once naturalised as a British citizen, I changed my name to Jarvis to avoid any stigma in the  childrens future careers.


An index of Harry Jarvis' documents housed at the Wiener Library in London. The library   collects material related to the Holocaust, its causes and legacies.

1987 Shemot Article: A visit to Post-Glasnos Chernovtsy. If you think travel to Czernowitz is difficult now, you must read this account of Dr. Harry Jarvis' visit when the Russians were still in charge.

Harry Jarvis' 2001 article from Shemot: Relative Values and Poetic Licence"

2005 Shemot article:  Here, Harry describes landsman Albin Eisenstein's deportation to Siberia and his survival story, along with his family tree.

Harry Jarvis tells about Josef Schmidt in this 2009 Shemot article

2010 Shemot article:  "This Year in Chernivtsi"

2011 Harry's story 'A Shot in the Dark', which shows how connected we all are.


Harry's Czernowitz and family photos


Harry's father returned from Transnistria in 1944 very ill,  and wrote this, his last letter to Harry . The elder Jaslowitz died shortly after.

The first six pages from Harry's Family History papers.

A poem written by Harry's sister Sonja Jaslowitz while in the Transnistria camps. Sonja joined her mother and  father voluntarily to go into deportation to Transnistria. When liberated by  the Russians they returned to Bukarest where she was killed in an allied air raid  on the city. I brought my mother to England and she gave me all the  documents.

The Complete Jaslowitz Story

In September of 2012, Harry sent a packet by post to the Ehpes webmaster containing all of his documents, photos, and papers, collected during 40 years of family research. It is now complete and available in two volumes on our website in pdf format.  It's more of a scrapbook than a history and/or photo album. Volume I is the story and Volume II contains the trees and photos. There's approximately 40 pages in each volume. Each page has been photographed rather than scanned -- it's faster that way. These are fairly large pdf files and may take a bit of time to download depending on your internet connexion. I think it's worth it. Once I started reading the material I found it facinating -- I read it all the way through.  An Addendum Volume  has been added reflecting Harry's Czernowitz trip in May 2011.