Added by Mimi Taylor on 19 June 2010

Two documents which may interest the members of the Cz.-List.

One is a copy of the "Heimats Schein" ( residence permit) for my maternal
grandmother, here named Scheindel Reiner and dated April 26, 1912.

It states that Scheindel Reiner, a "Privata" (without profession), aged 30
and single, has the right to live in the community of Kliwodyn district of
Kotzman, land of Bukowina.

I do not know what the purpose of this document was, but ....

My maternal great-grandparents, apparently had only been married by a rabbi,
the mother of my grandmother had the surname Reiner, therefore my
grandmother is here named Reiner and not Fruchter, as was her father's name.
In 1912, she was not single, but married and the mother of two children.

The other document is a copy of a census registry certifying that my
maternal grandparents and their two oldest children were residents of
Czernowitz and counted in the 1910 census.
They were counted in the census on Dec. 31, 1910, but this document was
issued on Mai 15th 1924 in order to prove that they should be considered as
legal Romanian citizens, since they had lived in Czernowitz before it became
part of Romania.

In this document, my mother and her older brother are also named Reiner
after their maternal grandmother. Apparently my grandparents also got
married only by a rabbi.

My Mother's date of birth is correct, but her brother was born 2 years
earlier than it states here. The later date of birth was probably put in
deliberately, to make it look as if he was younger and would not be
conscripted into the Romanian army.

Eventually this was not necessary, since a few weeks after this document was
issued, he left Czernowitz for Palestine.

My grandmother is listed as having been borne in 1988, actually she was
borne in 1883, but this is probably just an error, copying a 3 as an 8.

While there are intentional and unintentional errors in this document, it
provided me with one bit of information, which is probably true. My
grandmother moved from Klivodyn to Czernowitz in 1904, which means that this
is when my grandparents got married.