History of the Bucoviner Memorial Monument
Kehal Jeshurin section, Baron de Hirsch Cemeteries,
 de la Savane, Montreal, Canada
This monument pictured was erected and dedicated in 1959 - Elul 57



Each year, on the Sunday morning between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, a Hazkarah  (commemorative ceremony) was held, from the time of the monument's dedication, until the end of the 1990's. The commemorative ceremony has stopped as the survivors have dwindled, and some are aged and unable to  attend, as is often the case with these ceremonies.

In the photograph, which was taken on the day of the dedication, those people pictured are (left to right):
Mrs. Sheva (née Wolloch) Honig, Nathan Dermer (just behind Mrs. Honig),
the last President of the 'Romanischer Shil' (Beth David, since 1965, Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem)
& the President of the Bucoviner Society; Reuben Fruchterman, Maurice Pollack (living in
Québec City), Chazzan Joshua Dlin, Rabbi Teicher, Mrs. Toni (née Lachs) Bergman, Abraham Havis
(Mrs. Honig's uncle) and a man from the Beth David synagogue (unidentified).

The tract of land, on which the monument stands, was purchased, by the Association, from Tifereth Beth David
Jerusalem, during the presidency of Mr. Nathan Dermer, for the sum of $500.

Rabbis who officiated were: Rabbi David Hartman, later Rabbi Benjamin Hauer. Still later,
        Rev. Benjamin Even-Hen, from the Chevra Kadisha synagogue would act as Cantor, with no Rabbi present.

This information, courtesy of Mrs. Sheva Honig (above), Montréal, Québec, Canada,
    who was instrumental in its installation.

© Merle Kastner, December, 2003.