Miriam Lava:
A  bit about myself, and my Buckovina roots, and more:

My great-grandparents lived in Kiselitze, a small village, not far from Vishnitz. My grandparents lived in Putila,( 95 Km. from Cz), where my father and his sister were born. Their brothers and sisters lived in Cz. and surrounding villages. Around 1912 my grandfatherand his family emmigrated to Vienna, where I (1930) and my brother (1936) where born Although I never visited Cz. In my life, I heard so many stories about the city, that I feel as if I have been there.

(Miriam ­ if you read Hebrew, I can fax you my father¹s memoiars from his childhood years in Putila. If you are interested, please, let me have your fax number).
It Is my father¹s Czernovitzer uncle, Bernhardt Rosner, to whom my family probably owes its lives. Due to Bernhardt¹s generous financial help, my father was able to obtain ³Kapital Zertifikate² for the four of us, and in Februar 1939 we reached Eretz Israel, our home since then. I am a retired librarian, and Elan, my husband ,( born in Buckarest)­ a retired Engineer. We have 3 married sons, and 8 grandchildren.

Do you remember, perhaps, the ³Finaly Affair². Which took place from 1945 till 1953? (There is an item in the Enc. Judaica, 7th vol.) In short: The French Catholic Church  did not want to return the two Jewish brothers, both orphans, since their parents died in Auschwitz, Robert and G¹erald Finaly, to the bosom of their family after the war. It was my parents, beeing Robert¹s and G¹erald¹s uncle and aunt, who did not give up, and even reached the French high court of  justice, who decided that the Church must return my cousins to the family. Since 1953 ­ both grew up as my brothers.

( I think that this is a bit too long as an introducing letter to the whole list, but I felt an urge to tell you also my maternal¹s family story, although it has nothing to do with Cz.)