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My family (Glasberg) who originated in Kutty, which believe to be the birth
place of the Baal Shem also claim relationship to the Baal Shem Tov. All of
them migrated to Czernowitz.

B' Shalom

Jerry Lapides Ph.D.

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Hi Alex,

Itıs interesting that the sign says the Baal Shem Tov was born in Bukovina.
Some say he was born in Okupy (just to the east of Bukovina) while others
say he was born in Tloste, Poland (Galicia)

More about Tloste, now Tovste, is found here:

Iıve been interested in Okupy since the records in Radautz say it was the
birthplace of my great grandfather, Leiser Littman Schachter. Otherwise,
there is no way Iıd know enough to comment on this point. ;-)

All the best,


On 9/15/14, 12:58, "alexander rosner" <> wrote:

>The text states:
>Mikve of the Vizhenka village on the foot of the Nimchich pass.
>At the beginning if the eighteenth century Israel Baal Shem Tov, in
>translation from Hebrew meaning "owner of the good name", who was borne
>in the Bukovina, lived in Kosiv district, herded ships, was merried to
>the daughter of his master, and later at the foot of the mount Nimchich
>build a Mikve ... (followed by some info on his life and chasidim).

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