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David and Jeannette Scharfstein lived in Gura Humora in the at the turn of the 20th Century.
David Scharfstein owned a small bank in the town.
They had four children:
Lucy, Moritz, Betty, and Joseph.
Dr. Moritz Scharfstein was my grandfather.
We gathered, 23 offspring of Moritz and Joseph from Israel, Chile, and Brazil in Gura Humora for reunion, 74 years after the deportation to Transnistria.

The town of Gura Humora is in southern Bukovina.
We found a neat and clean town, beautiful flowers all over, very nice weather.
Our cousin Robby Fischler, the grandson of Lucy Scharfstein and Jacob Fischler, recommended Hilde's Residence in the city.
The hotel is beautiful, the owner Lucy cooperated with us all the way with good advises and gear as projector and screen.

The town was totally destructed few times in a very short time:
In Shavuot of 1899 it was completely burned.
In WW1 the frontier was here, the Kozaks did not leave much.
In WW2 the Russian stopped here for few months before continuing into Germany.
First day - tour of the old Juddengasse.
At the entrance to the street there is a small garden with direct link to Cz-
Is dedicated to Olga Kobylanska, and Ukrainian writer born in GH.
There is a small statue of her head.
HerrenGasse in Cz is now Olga Kobylanska street.

At the back of the garden I recognize the house of Aunt Lucy and Jacob Fischler, and their son, cousin Arthur.
The house we assume was the Scharfstein home is now a small public library, so we can walk in and see the rooms.

The street in in heavy constructions. The houses and the great synagogue already renewed, and now the pavement is rebuilt.
Much efforts are done here to preserve this street.

The great synagogue fašade was restored recently. It is locked, and the man with the key went to Suceava.
We were told that the internal side will be renovated soon and will be converted to Museum.

Amazing finding in the cemetery.

Oren Saraf

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