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  If they didn't live in the Bible period all the quoted royalties if
  to the Hasidic period would wear a Shaitl ( wig) preparing the
  Gefilte fish for the Shabess.


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> Mimi...I just wonder what reaction there would have been from Queen Salome
> Alexandra..Shlomzion Hamalka...the Queen who ruled the Jews for 45 years
> ,and was of the line of the Maccabees ,if someone had come along and told
> her to go upstairs and stay out of sight!!!! Cornel
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> To Cornel and all other "Czernowitzers": The renovated synagogue in which
> Rabbi Glissenshtein holds services, has two sections; downstairs for men
> and
> upstairs for women, the women can look down and see the praying men and
> the
> rabbi, the men, even if they turn around and look up, cannot see the
> women.
> Because men are so easily distracted, this is properly so.
> Mimi

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