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Hi Andi,
Your story is very nice. I must correct you, excuse me, Guar Humora, also in
those years was not a village, it was a small town, I knew it in the
thirties, last century, when we went from Molid , passed Frasin and arrived
in Gura/Humora *(n German ) the forests there had many kinds of mushrooms.
much more than other woods...so we collect some Kg. mushrooms the whole day
and went back also by train, 30 minutes.
I never in my life ate such tasty mushrooms
Shana Tovah
Hedwig "Ruchsachs"

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Happy New Year, Everybody! The mention of Gura Humora which I recall
as Gura Humorului - I presume it's the same village - reminds me of a
summer vacation under age 6 because my "Freulein" (nanny) left me when
I turned six and my cousin Turi was born so that she could look after
him. Hans Noe and his nanny came with us, too. Hans and I had joined
some sort of organization for the protection of animals and we had
membership cards which we carried proudly. One day we saw a peasant
whipping an emaciated horse that was trying to pull a wagon loaded
with huge logs, more weight than that poor horse could manage. We ran
toward the peasant shouting for him to stop beating the horse and
holding up our cards. The peasant picked up an axe and moved toward us
with anger and we quickly retreated. That was over 81 years ago.
It's amazing how we can recall some things.
Andy Halmay
Veni Vici Entertainment Inc.,
Toronto, Canada
1-416-925-1271 * Skype: Pronto711

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