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Linker had a Dairy in Novoselitsa opposite the house where we lived. As a
child I used to watch the women sit on the ramp and churn butter (by hand).
I was told that part of of the Jews which were murdered when the Romanians
returned, were killed in the court of the dairy.
 Yosef Eshet

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Checking the Czernowitz daily newspaper "Der Tag" at

by introducing "Linker" into the search engine for the archives of "Der Tag"

you'll get 14 matches, out of which 11 of them indicate personalities from
Czernowitz/Bukovina. One of them is mentioned in the Society News

too, Maximilian Linker, son of Marcus Linker, banker and owner of the
Bristol Hotel, who got a PhD in Governance and Public Policy in Cluj on


Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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> Hi all
> My name is Maurice Linker and I am seeing any information you may have
> relating to the Linkers
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