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Are there not members of the Rudich family who are members of the Cz. -

> Is the nowadays owner a member of the Rudich family ?
> Hardy
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>> Dear Czernowitzers,
>> We would like to clarify some information concerning the fundraising
>> initiative that has been launched by our museum. The museum indeed wants
>> to
>> buy a collection of archive documents of Rudich family from Bukovina. The
>> price of the archive has been established by its nowadays owner, who lives
>> in Chernivtsi. It is already the outcome of our negotiations with the
>> owner, since at the beginning the price was even higher. In our opinion it
>> is an acceptable price for this amount of valuable documents which are in
>> good condition. The documents, photos which have been posted on our
>> website, are only a part of the much bigger archive we are talking about.
>> We believe that it is a unique discovery and it will be a pity if the
>> documents are sold separately, since in this case the archive as it is
>> will
>> be lost. We understand that the financial situation in the world is not
>> the
>> best one, but we do believe that with united efforts we will be able to
>> save this part of the Bukovinian Jewish heritage.
>> Jewish Museum Chernivtsi
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