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Dear Marianne and Judith et al,

Welcome to the list, Judith!
And if you would send me your photo and tell me in which city you
live, I'll put this in the Photos of List Members Album on the Ehpes
site with pleasure.

To see the current album, click on:
and scroll down the menu on the left side of the page to Photos
of List Members Album.

And - if anyone else on the list who is not currently in the album
would like to send me your picture(s) and the city in which you
live, I'll put you in the Album, too.

I hope to be updating the Album soon. And - don't forget
the Bukoviners Get-togethers Album - send me photos
and descriptions of everyone in the photo and where and
when it was taken, and I'll insert them, too. (Please only
post WWII photos)

Merle (please note my new email address)

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Der all,

It's a pleasure to introduce Judith Nadler to the list. We met in Chicago
last week, when Leo and I gave a talk on Transnistria at University of
Chicago, where Judith is Director of Libararies. Judith was born in
Czernowitz and would like to join our conversations.

all best, Marianne

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