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Dear members,

Thank you to those who wrote me expressing their sadness at the loss
of the historical sanatorium in Solca. During its day, at the turn of
the century, Dr. Poras Sanatorium was the magnet for upper class Jews
to spend the summer months healing and schmoosing. Jews from all over
the Hapsburg empire came to enjoy the healing powers of the water and
air in this beautiful area of now Romania. Many a shidduch was made
as family members paraded their teenagers on the long afternoon walks
through the woods. The evenings were filled with food music, poetry
and song when the guests relaxed after a day of spa treatments. As
Edgar so aptly put it " More and more, vestiges of the (Jewish) past
are disappearing. What a pity!"

Dr. Joseph Poras
great grandson of Dr. Hermann Poras b. Czernowitz 1835

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 5:48 AM, Edgar Hauster <bconcept_at_hotmail.com> wrote:


 After WW2, my grandparents Elias and Marjem Hauster, lived - rather
survived - as repatriates in Radautz. They dreamed of escaping from
their doom of being "sucked into an intellectual bog" ["geistiger
Versumpfungstod"] and therfore they looked in March 1948 for a "single
room in Solca/Solka as a permanent residence, but solely on the ground
floor and with a yard". Nothing but dreams, one year later, in May
1949, Elias deceased. In June 2008 I visited Solca/Solka


 and of course the famous Solka Sanatorium, built by Dr. Hermann Poras
in 1876, as well. Our fellow member Dr. Joseph Poras reported to all
of us on this noted and historic place:


 In February 1993 "Die Stimme" published an article on Dr. Hermann
Poras by Dr. Ferdinand Eisenhauer:


 Now, Ioana Rostos - Thank you, dear Ioana! - brought to us very sad
news: The famous Solka Sanatorium was destroyed by fire! You'll find a
video clip and a link to the "Monitorul" report in Romanian language
at our ehpes.com Blog:


 More and more, vestiges of the (Jewish) past are disappearing. What a pity!

 Edgar Hauster
> Lent - The Netherlands

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