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Hi Edgar, Hardy, Berti, David,
After three weeks, the hardest of my long life, I returned to my computer.
It is the only medicine not to get mad.
Tomorrow I will answer to the many condolences Y received from known and
unknown list members

Edgar, I must rectify: The David Gruen shop was Herrengasse 10 A, next the
entrance where I lived 12 years. As a 5-.years old girl my mother
allowed me to go down by myself to buy at "uncle Gruen" some "Rops-Drops",
sour-sweet bonbons, or Karamel, in quadrat form. Near the entrance was a
sack with "Boxer" some brown pods, like green peas pods, inside some fruits
or vegetable, very tasty.,I liked them.
Somebody remember?
Regard Hedwig

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Well done, outstanding memory! You are completely right, in 1936 there were
three Grün's in the same (candy store) branch. Two of them, i. e.

David Grün, Iancu Flondor [Herrengasse] 9
Osias Grün, Regele Ferdinand [Enzenberg-Hauptstraße] 4

you are tracing in the 1936 Trade Directory:

The third one, whom you perfectly remember, was

Siegmund Grün, Ciprian Porumbescu [Musikvereinsgasse] 4

and - take this as a preannouncement - you are going to rediscover him in
the 1936 Telephone Directory, which we are going to publish very soon!

Czernowitz sweet stuff!

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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