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Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 01:07:09 -0400
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OK... understand now, sorry -j]


I know this, I was talking about two other issues:

1) impossibility to see the sender in the Inbox view mode
2) impossibilty to search old messages using "From" field


On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 11:59 PM, Jewish Czernowitz-Bukowina Discussion
Group <> wrote:
> I originally sent this to Iosef in response to his post, but I meant
> it to go to the list as well. Hopefully this will be helpful to those
> using gmail on our list:
> Hi Iosef et al... Just a few notes regarding gmail
> Yes, you're correct, this is a less convenient, but it's all there in
> gmail. For example, in your message below:
> To see all the address fields, move the mouse to the right of the To:
> field, and you will see a little box with a down pointing arrow. Left
> click on the arrow, and it brings up:
> from: Jewish Czernowitz-Bukowina Discussion Group <>
> reply-to: iosif vaisman <>
> to: Bruce Reisch <>
> cc: CZERNOWITZ-L <>,
> David Glynn <>
> date: Sun, May 4, 2014 at 7:28 PMsubject: Re: [Cz-L] What has happened
> to the List emails?mailing list: Filter
> messages from this mailing list
> In the top bar of the 'reply box', you will see a 'flying arrow' at
> the left. Mouse over it, and it says 'Type of response'; click and it
> displays the following choices:
> Reply to Iosef vaisman
> Reply to All
> Forward
> Edit subject
> Pop out reply (whatever that means)
> At the bottom of the Reply box on the same line as the 'Send' button,
> over to the right is another down pointing arrow. Mouse over it and
> you get 'More options'. Left click and you can toggle
> plain text mode (all further messages you write will be in plain text
> until you uncheck 'plain text').
> spelling
> print
> Less than delightfully easy to use, but I guess one gets used to it.
> Best,
> jerome
> p.s. Just for completeness for other gmail users...
> Just to the right of the time at the top of the received message are
> the Reply options along with other options. The 'Show Original' option
> will give all the headers along with the entire original message.
> And: At the very bottom of the Reply box, there's something like [...]
> in grey. If you click on that it will include the message you're
> replying to.
> j.

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