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These are the most difficult days for the likes of me as am overcome by so
many memories, as Christian calls it the "Vanished World" I come from.
A week ago in Israel we remembered the six millions Jews who perished in
the different camps in Europe. My step-brother was one of them who died
on the incredible date of April 1945!!! We had been informed by the Red
Cross but not of the place where he died. After years of research we found
out that he died in Lithuania!! of all places, after having been deported
from Paris to Auschwitz. Why there? has anyone an answer?
On Sunday evening started the memorial day for over 2000 Israeli soldiers
who gave their young lives -most between 19 and 22. So many friends,
freedom fighters in Ezel or Stern underground movements went to tha gallows
or died fighting, so many children As the Hebrew saying "Every person,
young or old, who die leave a whole world behind" so many died before life
even started for them. I once told the story which appeared in the papers
in 1948, of a Holocaust survivor who came to Israel with his only surviving
family, his son, who just arrived in Palestine, fought in the war of
Independence and fell, when he was buried all his unit and commander came
and after prayer the father started singing and dancing. Everyone thought
he had gone mad but when he stopped he said " Of my close family of 80 he
is the only one who gave his life for a cause and the only grave I have to
come to".

That is part of life in Israel.

After so much sadness and the flag on half mast, the celebration of
Independence starts. Our flag flying proudly in the wind and thousands of
young people women and men parading! It's like an awakening out of all
sorrow into jubilation.

Jewish life the mixture of sadness and joy. "L'iskor" "Remember" has been
our prayer since Jews are here. Our prayer never to forget but go on
living!! And here I am still around to tell the tale of woe and my
gratitude for having been given a new life in Israel, having children,
grand-children and even a great-grand-son!! What more can life give one??

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> Hi all
> For the Declaration of Independence in 1948 was a miracle which never
> thought will happen.
> I was borne in Chernovitz and was in the Linz displacement camp.
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> > Could not evade the thought that none of us Czernowitzers, who were just
> > liberated around two months earlier from the Nazi-Fascist regime by the
> Red
> > Army, whether in Czernowitz or in Transnistria, could have imagined in
> > his/her sweetest dreams that 70 years later we would celebrate the 66th
> > anniversary of our own independent state.
> > Yes, we paid dearly for it, but we can send out today to all of us,
> whether
> > here or abroad, Happy Independence Day and Many Happy Returns of this
> Day!
> >
> > Mordecai
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